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Fetching Data from Owon SDS7102V to PC

For one of my recent projects, I needed to automatically fetch oscilloscope samples to PC for automatic analysis. I own the Owon SDS7102V oscilloscope so the first step was to find how to get data from it. The oscilloscope supports

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First impressions of

I just tried and I liked it 🙂 mbed is a development framework for ARM microcontrollers (well it looks like Arduino for ARM to me), officially supported by ARM. also has online IDE and compiler. The simplicity of

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Measuring home appliance energy and power consumption

As anybody probably is at some time in life, I was quite surprised at the sum on one of the recently received electricity bills. I live in a multiple apartment building with a single electricity counter and with the other

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CdS photocells and their characterisation

CdS photoresistors (also called photocells sometimes) are an inexpensive type of light sensors. They find their use in light detecting sensors (daylight switches, light meters) and also in some music equipment (eg. noiseless faders and also some guitar effects). Due

How to update NEO M8N firmware

If you are using a NEO M8N GPS module you might consider updating the firmware to get more sattelite constellations available. Of coure everything you do on your own risk – here is just a writeup of what worked for

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Fixing Yamaha PSR-18 synthesizer keyboard

This Yamaha PSR-18 is an old (almost as old as me) entry level digital synthesiser that I owned for quite some time. Unfortunately due to continual use some of the keys started having issues, they needed to be pressed harder

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Soldering GPS antennas

I recently ordered some small 13x13mm GPS antennas from TME to test them on NEO-6 GPS receiver modules. In the datasheet they are shown with U.FL connectors needed to connect them to the receiver modules. However they are marked as

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And another short Nikon 1 10-30mm VR followup

If you have read my previous post you will know what the problem was… In short after bumping a Nikon 1 10-30mm VR lens I couldn’t get it all the way down to 10mm or to locked position again. While

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Nikon 10-30mm VR lens repair followup

So just a followup on Nikon 10-30mm VR lens repair. These lens had a serial issue, which caused lens to become unusable after many zoom operations. Nikon issued a recall/free service for the lens. The repair shop did at first

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Raspberry PI Zero madness

Lol, today I got a message from a friend about Raspberry PI Zero. Wow, a computer for 5USD? Unfortunately I got informed a bit late and could just see the last pieces be sold, so I couldn’t buy one. I

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