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Fixing Yamaha PSR-18 synthesizer keyboard

This Yamaha PSR-18 is an old (almost as old as me) entry level digital synthesiser that I owned for quite some time. Unfortunately due to continual use some of the keys started having issues, they needed to be pressed harder

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A try at a Hammond XB2 repair

Matevž brought me a new organ to try to repair – Hammond XB2 🙂 It was lent to him by the original owner to decide whether to buy it or not. Here is a sample of how it sounded (not

Repairing a Viscount Organ

I recently helped Andrej from Emšo Blues Band to repair his Viscount organ. Well, actually he did all the work, I just gave him some tips to figure out how the problematic chorus / vibrato section of the organ works.

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Arduino capacitive sensor and the friction drum

I recently cut out a capacitive sensor on my old CNC machine for a friend working at the university. They plan to connect the sensor to Raspberry PI and try to make a virtual friction drum. The sensor is pretty

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Repairing Crumar Organizer electronic organ

Some time ago a friend of mine brought me a Crumar Organizer electronic organ to repair. If you understand slovenian language you can check a few of his post regarding the repair here. Lol, actually this is not really a

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