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Fetching Data from Owon SDS7102V to PC

For one of my recent projects, I needed to automatically fetch oscilloscope samples to PC for automatic analysis. I own the Owon SDS7102V oscilloscope so the first step was to find how to get data from it. The oscilloscope supports

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Making your computer not go to sleep or turn on the screen saver

I am currently playing with some GPS receivers and video capture. The problem I had is that even as the recording was in progress the  laptop shut down to conserve power. I know that I can change the sleep /

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Connecting multiple virtual serial ports together

Have you ever had the need to connect multiple programs that utilize serial ports? Or you tried to stream the data from single GPS device to multiple programs that needed the data? Then either you found out it can’t easily

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Wacom Tablet “There is a problem with your tablet driver” Fix

The Wacom bamboo tablet on my computer recently started behaving erraticaly – part of the functions did not work anymore. Trying to access the Wacom preferences from the start menu or from the Control panel just brought up a “There

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Virtualbox shared folder between guest (Ubuntu) and host OS

Ok, so this will be just a quick guide and I will just cover the case I had. I have a Windows 8 host operating system and Ubuntu 14.04 as the guest operating system. The guest operating system was already

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USB to serial (TTL/RS232) converter comparison

There are many integrated circuit products available for the USB to serial (TTL or RS232) conversion on the market. Serial communication protocols like RS232, RS485, RS422, USART, UART, LIN are still commonly used in industrial and commercial applications where only

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