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First impressions of

I just tried and I liked it šŸ™‚ mbed is a development framework for ARM microcontrollers (well it looks like Arduino for ARM to me), officially supported by ARM. also has online IDE and compiler. The simplicity of

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Another Arduino Nikon IR Remote

I am a proud new owner of a Nikon D3300 camera and yesterday while browsing the hackaday prize entries I found this project. It’s a pretty neat IR remote for a Nikon camera. And I even have some of those

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Making your computer not go to sleep or turn on the screen saver

I am currently playing with some GPS receivers and video capture. The problem I had is that even as the recording was in progress theĀ  laptop shut down to conserve power. I know that I can change the sleep /

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Correctly setting up prebulid batch script in CooCox

Today I spent quite some time figuring out how to set up a batch script to run before a bulid in a CooCox IDE. The script I wrote was to automatically change the bulid number of a program I am

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Connecting multiple virtual serial ports together

Have you ever had the need to connect multiple programs that utilize serial ports? Or you tried to stream the data from single GPS device to multiple programs that needed the data? Then either you found out it can’t easily

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Arduino generating two fast phase offset signals

So recently I wanted to generate two fast (40kHz), phase offset signals with Arduino. I have done various modes of PWM and PPM modulation before, but have not yet tried to generate phase offset signals. Actually there is only one

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Portable piezoelectric micropump driver

I recently did a presentatiton on Low-power Piezoelectric Micropump Driving Module at the MIDEM International ConferenceĀ  on Microelectronics, Devices and Materials. The module was developed at the Laboratory of Microsensor Structures and Electronics. Despite its small size the module is

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USR-WIFI232 wifi to serial module (HF-LPT100)

I have bought a USR-WIFI232-T module, which seems to be identical to HF-LPT100. The main chip is marked with HF so the High Flying may be the original producer. The module is onlyĀ 22 x 13,5 x 6mm in size and

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ESP8266 connecting to internet

You should connect to the module as outlined in my first article about this module (which also shows use of some other commands). To try out the commands in this post you should already have the module set up in

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ESP8266 WIFI module

I just got a ESP8266 WIFI module I ordered a few weeks ago. This is the pinout: Just a quick warning: It seems that the inputs are not 5V tolerant, so be careful and do not connect the module to

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