Rei-Labs Legacy

I just recently obtained a safety copy of my old blog site. πŸ˜‰ when you want to keep your site alive you should really keep a safety copy somewhere. The legacy Rei-Labs.Net blog was actually my second blog, after the and several subsites hosted on it (the site and its subnetwork is not owned by me anymore – its current owner is a colleague of mine).

It wasn’t until recently that I started blogging again. The old site was uploaded to just for historic purposes. You can have a look at it there, but you will notice that the site is in slovenian – my native language. Any international viewers may use google translate on the right side to understand it πŸ˜‰

(PS: If you are using wordpress don’t rely on Import/Export tool to backup your site – import won’t really set up images/media correctly. It took me quite some time to set the old site up as I wanted. And I am really grateful that I didn’t try importing it on the main domain as that would probably result in quite a disaster.)

Just some highlights from the old posts:
TEA Laser – an experiment involving high voltages and lasers πŸ™‚ It’s actually a simplest to make at home form of nitrogen laser that uses ambient pressure air as the lasing media.

LED photosession – here a few projects using led diodes are featured, like car headlights, growlights and powerstrobe.


Model rocket altimeter testing – the device was later used on a few model rocket test flights reaching more than 900m altitude.

Infrared webcam modification – ever wanted to see how thing look in infrared? Also some “night vision” equipment may use IR cameras.


DIY FPV from old camera viewfinder – this may now be obsolette as LCD displays are available for cheap. Old analog camera viewfinders are actually tiny CRT tubes πŸ™‚ – almost like a small CRT TV set you can fit in your palm. They even take a standard video signal. Lol, just for fun I even tried plugging an old video game to one and playing it (hehe, that was quite some time before google glass was born).

Metal detector a bulid of Gary’s PI metal detector. At that time the plans were still freely available for anyone to bulid.

Remote control for pyrotechnic effects – quite a nice device with almost industrial look πŸ™‚fotografija0832PCB manufacture using toner transfer procedureSTEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3

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