USR-WIFI232 wifi to serial module (HF-LPT100)

When connected by serial port you can switch to the AT command mode by sending +++. The module sends a character and you should reply with a character to enter AT mode. The module will reply with +ok when it enters the command mode. AT commands should be terminated with \r\n characters (return + newline). When in AT command mode you can use AT+H command to get help / to list all the available commands. You can use AT+Z to reset the module, AT+RELD to restore the default settings and AT+ENTM to return to transparent mode.


When you only need the module to replace the legacy serial port with wifi-capable connection the transparent mode of the serial port is really a nice feature and simplifies the software development quite a bit. For more involved communication with the internet or other devices and using multiple connections the AT command set should be used.

Maybe I will do a more detailed writeup on configuration of the module and the AT commands to communicate with outer world in the future.

In meantime you can check this link on connecting the module to arduino and basic communication.

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