Cirrus project aiming to reach space with amateur rocket

Cirrus project is led by a group of young enthusiast from Slovenian high schools and universities who are aiming to reach the space barrier with an amateur rocket. I am happy to be a part of the team 🙂

This is the video of our first prototype rocket launch:

The launch was a success, with motor burning time of 0,7 seconds and total flight time of 31 seconds. The parachute however did not deploy correctly.

Unfortunately the rocket was lost, so we couldn’t reteive the recorded flight data. We estimate that the rocket attained about 1km altitude above ground. For the next flight we are already thinking about implementing some kind of tracking / locating beacon to successfully reteive the model.

You can like our facebook page or follow us to get updates on our project. You can also contact us if you think you or your company could contribute to achieveing our goal in any way.

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    • Although we had (too) many problems with these batteries, 9V block batteries are reasonable size and pretty safe to use. Lithiums are lighter and can provide more amperes but can burst into flames if damaged.

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