Year: 2015

Raspberry PI Zero madness

Lol, today I got a message from a friend about Raspberry PI Zero. Wow, a computer for 5USD? Unfortunately I got informed a bit late and could just see the last pieces be sold, so I couldn’t buy one. I

Nikon 1 J1 10-30mm lens error

I recently got a Nikon 1 J1 mirroless exchangable lens camera at a great price 🙂 Well actually the price was low because the kit lens (10-30mm) it came with were broken, displaying an error… The annoying lens error “popup”

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Mini cnc build log #1

About a year ago I participated in a CNC group buy on a slovenian electronics forum (part of members split and formed another forum). Up to a few weeks ago I had all the elements packed up, but now I

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Cirrus to space #2

I have previously written a few posts about the Cirrus project team and our goal to reach space. We are still experimenting with smaller scale amateur rockets, but are slowly building up 🙂 Hopefully I will soon find some time

Measuring Nikon DSLR IR remote signal

I just got a Nikon ML-3 equivalent IR remote for remote controlling my Nikon D3300 camera. I recently also wrote the Arduino Nikon IR remote sketch and I figured why not do some reverse engineering on the “original” remote. I

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Accessing Beaglebone serial port while using a cape – DIY low profile pin header connector

I am currently using BeagleBoneBlack for logging some data. The system is designed to work autonomously so normally no wired or wireless connection is available. For testing purposes however diagnostic data can be output to the serial port of the

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Another Arduino Nikon IR Remote

I am a proud new owner of a Nikon D3300 camera and yesterday while browsing the hackaday prize entries I found this project. It’s a pretty neat IR remote for a Nikon camera. And I even have some of those

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A try at a Hammond XB2 repair

Matevž brought me a new organ to try to repair – Hammond XB2 🙂 It was lent to him by the original owner to decide whether to buy it or not. Here is a sample of how it sounded (not

Simplest battery / power indicator circuit

So we usually want to have a battery indicator circuit in many of our devices. The indicator warns us if we have left the device powered and also indicates if the device battery is reaching its end of life. The

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Repairing a Viscount Organ

I recently helped Andrej from Emšo Blues Band to repair his Viscount organ. Well, actually he did all the work, I just gave him some tips to figure out how the problematic chorus / vibrato section of the organ works.

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